Finding out about you is our first step
in building your custom website. 
•  You tell us about your targeted visitors and what you want them to do after
coming to the site.
•  You give us whatever content, logos, and graphics you want included on
the website.
•  You tell us a little bit about your business, your people, your company
environment, company mission, and any preferences that affect the
website design.
When we have enough background information,
we go to work.
•  We create a website design for your targeted visitors (yes for your visitors,
not you) so they can easily navigate your site, grasp your message, and
be encouraged to act.
•  We may have to fiddle with your graphics, create new graphics, and edit
or write your content to make your website turn out right.
•  We can manage your web hosting and your domain name registration
and  publish your website to the web.
•  We can do SEO (search engine optimization) and submit your site to the
search engines.
Types of websites creates
websites for small to mid-
size companies and some
personal sites. Hover over
the thumbnails on the left to
see our examples of these
types of websites:
•  Information site
•  Small ecommerce site
•  Photo album site
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Example of an Information site Example of a small Ecommerce site Example of a Photo album site