is the website development branch of
Info Design, a small business passionate about information
design, and equally about writing — clear, concise writing.
Carole Hamilton founded Info Design over 15 years ago,
after several years employed in the Information Technology
world as a programmer, writer, courseware developer, and
training manager. Info Design offers clients writing and
design of professional technical user guides, newsletters,
company product sheets, brochures, advertisements, on-site
training, and on and on. Carole makes those products serve
her clients well because they are always designed from the
end-user’s point of view. The “what’s in it for me” question is
always answered.
In the year 2000, Carole founded Creating
websites was a natural transition. And fun. Uniquely qualified
with the diversity of her experience, skills, and interests,
Carole now focuses on delivering complete solutions for
website design and development, targeting small to mid-size
businesses. A group of skilled technical contractors help out
when necessary with advanced programming.
Though most clients of come from referrals,
we are certainly eager to entertain interesting project requests that match our business mode and
mutually fit our schedules. Give us a call and let’s talk.
Be present on the web
Now is the time to get started.
Let us help you sail through
the process. is a full-
spectrum professional web
design and development
studio based in San Diego,
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